Charter @ 40

Charter @ 40

The David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights brought together its past Constitutional Litigators in Residence for a special conversation with executive director, Cheryl Milne, reflecting on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms at 40 years.


  • Justice Breese Davies (LLB 1998)
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2017
    Appointed to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in 2018. Prior to her appointment, she maintained a criminal, constitutional, and human rights law practice.

  • Mary Eberts
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2014
    Canadian constitutional lawyer and human rights advocate. Recipient of Order of Canada. Influential in creation of Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and founding member of Women’s Legal Action and Education Fund (LEAF). 

  • Nader Hasan (JD 2006)
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2020
    Partner at Stockwood LLP, Nader practises criminal, regulatory and constitutional law at the trial and appellate levels.

  • Janet E. Minor (LLB 1973)
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2016
    Former General Counsel in the Constitutional Law Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario and former Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario.

  • Justice John Norris (LLB 1991)
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2013
    Appointed to the Federal Court of Canada in 2018. Prior to his appointment, he maintained a trial and appellate practice in the areas of criminal, constitutional and national security.

  • Jessica Orkin (JD 2005)
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2022
    Partner at Goldblatt Partners, with a broad litigation practice including criminal, civil and administrative law matters, with an emphasis on constitutional rights, human rights, and Aboriginal rights.

  • Jonathan Rudin
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2021
    Program Director and senior lawyer at Aboriginal Legal Services, Jonathan has written and spoken widely on issues of Indigenous justice.

  • Susan Ursel
    Constitutional Litigator-in-Residence, 2018
    Senior partner with the law firm of Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP. Labour and human rights lawyer and frequent speaker, teacher and writer on human rights and Charter issues.

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Recording date: October 21, 2022