Clause Célèbre: Notwithstanding the Charter?

Clause Célèbre: Notwithstanding the Charter?

Nexus/Fall 2022

A Faculty of Law panel discussion featuring (in the order of presenters):

Nathalie Des Rosiers, Principal, Massey College: Notwithstanding Unions

Professor Kerry Rittich: Collective Bargaining

Professor Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin: Quebec's use of notwithstanding clause

Professor David Schneiderman: Constitutional theory underlying s. 33

Professor Emerita Lorraine Weinrib: Examples of "the override" 

Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence Robert J. Sharpe, Faculty of Law Dean Emeritus (1990-1995): Whether the courts control the use of the notwithstanding clause?

Professor David Dyzenhaus: The common good of constitutionalism.

Moderated by Dean and University Professor Jutta Brunnée

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Recording date: November 14, 2022